When I want to wear a timeless piece, I instantly think of denim, and my mind quickly jumps to jeans. But a second later, I also remember about my denim skirt. I have one midi-length denim skirt that I love. It is the perfect item for when I do not feel like pants and yet do not want to wear a delicate skirt. The denim skirt is ideal for casual looks; it is easy to style, comfortable to wear, and hard to ruin.

Let’s talk in more detail about why you might want to invest in a great denim skirt.

A. Classical

Are you a blazer person? I am a huge blazer fan. There is something powerful, chic, and sophisticated about a well-cut blazer. No matter what else I might wear, an addition of a blazer will take my look to the next level. It instantly polishes an outfit creating additional dimension, complexity, and style.

But there is one little problem: a good blazer is not cheap and is hard to find. We live in a time of fast fashion where trendy clothes are bought and worn one or two times. They are cheap, made from inferior materials, with bad construction and…

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Returns are an annoying but mandatory part of the shopping process. We cannot shop and keep everything we are buying. Returning things that do not fit, sit right, flatter, or speak to us must be returned. There are no ifs or buts about it. Returns are time-consuming, irritating, and no fun, but we must find time and energy to deal with unwanted items to avoid wasting time, money, and closet space.

I will share with you my tips and tricks for dealing with returns.

What is the right way to handle returns?

When I buy items in a store or online, I do not automatically assume that I…

Color! It could be intimidating and scary to introduce color into a wardrobe where black, brown, and beige colors might dominate. But I feel like color is critical to our lives, especially when it comes to clothes. Color has a tremendous power to transform a look and lift spirits. We must not be intimidated by color but rather learn and embrace its powers.

Imagine for a second that you are wearing a mostly black outfit. While I get an appeal of an all-black look, I think it should not be an everyday option. Yes, the color black is intense; it…

Let’s face the truth. We have more clothes than we need. Our wardrobes are overflowing with items that we rarely wear. Some garments are old and dear, and we cannot find the courage to let them go. Others are forgotten and stored so far back into the closet that we never wear them. Regardless of the reason, we end up with more than we can wear. The clutter and overly packed wardrobes weigh us down, robbing us of our time and energy.

The good news is we are in charge, and we have the power to turn things around. The…

I will share a secret with you — I hate washing and blow drying my hair . Do not get me wrong, and I do wash my hair twice a week. But even then, I rarely spend time styling it. As I get ready to head out, I dread the minute when I need to make a decision about my hair. I still want to look put together, but I do not want to spend hours styling my hair. So I came up with a few options that require little time yet deliver maximum impact.

Messy Bun

I have to give credit…

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Overalls were never in my wardrobe until now. For me, overalls were associated with junior fashions, something a grown woman should not be wearing. But as it often happens in life, our tastes change, preferences adjust, and we tend to like the things we used to hate. Life is tricky this way.

So I got my first pair of overalls made with 100% linen, bright red color. They looked terrific paired with deep yellow marigold cropped top. …


Casual and chic — the two words that are hard to imagine together. Yet casual chic looks are the coveted weekend ensembles. What is casual chic look? It is the look that is effortlessly stylish and comfortable. It looks natural, easy to pull together, and practical.

The casual chic outfits include a dash of practical like jeans, tees, sneakers. And a dash of posh like a classic blazer, chic dress, classic skirt, or delicate blouse.

Casual Chic Style In Real Life

The casual chic style has become very popular as most of the world moves away from formal dress toward comfort clothes. With the COVID pandemic…

When I think of Fashion Icons, Audrey Hepburn immediately comes to mind. Her elegant classical looks transcend decades, cultures, and trends. Her famous black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the fashion moment we all strive to experience. What is Audrey’s secret? And is it possible to learn it?

Audrey’s Secret

There is probably not one single item that is solely responsible for Audrey’s exquisite style. To imitate her elegance, taste, and touch, we need to think beyond a single outfit or a hair-do. We need to step back to take in the full breadth of Audrey’s presence. …

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No matter the season, no matter location, and no matter the weather — sunscreen is the must-have essential that has to be applied daily. Unfortunately, very often, sunscreen is an afterthought. We apply it after we arrived at the beach or a football game. Many of us do not realize how much damage the Sun has done until it is too late. Our skin turned the bright red color that later turns into a sad wrinkly version of itself, and the skin cells’ DNA is permanently damaged.

We must take the application of a sunblock seriously. The daily routine needs…

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