When I think of Fashion Icons, Audrey Hepburn immediately comes to mind. Her elegant classical looks transcend decades, cultures, and trends. Her famous black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the fashion moment we all strive to experience. What is Audrey’s secret? And is it possible to learn it?

Audrey’s Secret

There is probably not one single item that is solely responsible for Audrey’s exquisite style. To imitate her elegance, taste, and touch, we need to think beyond a single outfit or a hair-do. We need to step back to take in the full breadth of Audrey’s presence. …

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No matter the season, no matter location, and no matter the weather — sunscreen is the must-have essential that has to be applied daily. Unfortunately, very often, sunscreen is an afterthought. We apply it after we arrived at the beach or a football game. Many of us do not realize how much damage the Sun has done until it is too late. Our skin turned the bright red color that later turns into a sad wrinkly version of itself, and the skin cells’ DNA is permanently damaged.

We must take the application of a sunblock seriously. The daily routine needs…

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I cannot wait for warmer days and beautiful cool evenings when I can finally stroll down the street in a bright dress, summer hat, and cute sandals. The simple fact that the weather is changing brings so much joy to my heart. I am ready to shed my winter layers, worries, and fears. And for a moment, think positively about what comes next and what I can achieve. For me, wearing clothes that make me happy is the first step in ensuring that I got the energy to move forward no matter what.

Spring and summer looks are not simply…

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“The Most Effective” is the most coveted phrase on every cream, lotion, and serum. Every brand is trying to convince a potential buyer about its highly potent and effective moisturizer. While we might be skeptical about “The Most Effective” moisturizer, we do rely on the brand’s words. We also perform essential due diligence and read reviews hoping we are investing money in the right product. Unfortunately, since most of us are not estheticians, we do not know why certain ingredients are in, what they do, and how they interact with our skin.

To learn more and start making informed decisions…

Let’s talk about Spring’s hottest trends! What are the top trending pieces? What should we buy? And most importantly, what makes sense to buy?

As our lives are stabilizing, some of us are heading back to work, while others are still isolated working from home. And yet, all of us are hoping never to hear the word “zoom-site” again. Many states have opened dining, shopping, allowed to gather in public spaces and participate in sports. We are eager to get out of sweats and PJs to enjoy the colorful and exciting life outside our homes.

What Should We Wear?

I. Exciting Spring Tops & Blouses

Fun, inspiring spring tops are…

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Close your eyes and imagine a fashion show. Beautiful gowns are floating down the runway, models in suits are powerfully striding forward, and each model is full of confidence and style. The beautiful clothes are the centerpieces, but how they are presented is also a crucial factor. Each model walks with confidence, holding her posture upright with an open chest, pulled back shoulders, and head held high. The posture and presentation are as important as what is being presented.

Putting a fantastic outfit together is an art form, but wearing it with confidence requires another skill set. Some of us…

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Delicate, sensitive, and fragile are not the words that come to mind when we contemplate jeans. Most of the time, we do not think twice about throwing them into a laundry machine, dryer, or performing strenuous activities. Jeans are the staple of a sturdy, take-on-anything material that miners wore during gold rushes. Surprisingly, while jeans can survive strenuous labor activities, they cannot tolerate a regular laundry experience.

As tough as jeans might seem, they require extra care during the washing and drying processes. …

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One of the first things I do when considering purchasing a new piece of clothing is reviewing a care tag. The tiny, almost unnoticeable care tag offers critical insights about a garment. Each tag has to indicate whether or not an item must be professionally dry cleaned. The answer to this question very often seals the fate of the garment I am thinking of buying.

An item can be marked Dry Clean or Dry Clean Only. The one-word difference makes a huge distinction. The Dry Clean Only tag means that an item must be professionally dry cleaned. …

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I am very excited that it is getting warmer, and very soon, I will put away my cashmere sweaters. The spring season means bright colors, lovely dresses, and of course, fresh additions to my wardrobe. And I think I found the first perfect piece. It is highly versatile, practical, effortless, and instantly upgrades any look. The magical item is the light cream double-breasted blazer.

I am biased when it comes to blazers — I think they are absolute must-haves. There is nothing else that transforms a simple look into a chic outfit with one quick move!

I have a preference…

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Take one look at a forest or an orchard; the colors come together in a magical dance of bright greens, delicate pinks, cheerful yellows, and deep browns. The colors entrance and transport us into the thrilling world of synergy, collaboration, and charm. Not a single color that overpowers or clashes with others. They compliment and contrast each other in perfect proportions.

People often want to achieve nature’s delicate balance of color in home decor, fashion, and art. And although it is hard to recreate perfection, we sure can try. Some people have a natural ability to pair colors to achieve…

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