Capsule wardrobe fans: Three critical rules to know to be successful

Abi Khait
6 min readApr 9, 2019

For all the lovers of the minimalist wardrobe concept who want to discover the latest trends on how to build a capsule wardrobe, this is the article to read. I will review two expert’s articles and identify the critical rules to follow to create your minimalist closet successfully.

Let me start with my own wardrobe story first. As I was researching this subject, I became curious about my closet. I think of myself as the one who has a good sense of style and fashion and is a smart mindful shopper. I was sure that I could be an excellent example of a small (not capsule) wardrobe with essential items. This theory could not have been further from the truth. LOL.

My closet in the master bedroom is small. It contains my go-to items and blazers. If I want to wear any of my dresses, skirts, or slacks, I dive into my kids closet. I conquered a corner of their closet to store a “few” items. Smart, right?

As I was going through all the closets and clothing drawers, I got increasingly worried. In the end, the number of items I possessed scared me: I got 29 dresses, 39 t-shirts, 32 tops & blouses, eight skirts, 15 various pants, nine blazers, and six coats/jackets. OMG. I could not believe these numbers. I need to audit my wardrobe — this will be another post.

The upside of this closet review is I got to organize my wardrobe. I gathered related items together and sorted them by color. I did get rid of a few things, but given the numbers, I can donate more.

Now with more energy than ever before, I dove into the posts on capsule wardrobe. The idea is simple: own a set of critical items that are practical, work together, of high quality, and neutral colors. Most suggest having ten things that you can rotate for ten days. Although, that means doing laundry every five to six days; I am not sure I can commit to this.

The actual list of ten items is a somewhat standard that includes one of each: blazer, white t-shirt, white blouse, trench coat, jeans, slacks, midi skirt, LBD, sweater, wrap dress. I would also add a cardigan, a casual blazer, and a few maxi dresses.

Now let’s dive into the two articles I selected written by the influencers in the industry. The first article is Everything You Need to Build a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe by Anna Laplaca on WhoWhatWear website.



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