Four simple tricks of a perfect manicure

OPI Infinite Shine2

I believe that a nail polish color reflects the mood of a person. When it comes to my days, nail polish is an accurate representation of my emotional state. Whether I go for reds, blues, or backs, it says a lot about how I feel. When I feel happy and upbeat, I go for bright colors mostly reds. When I am tired and have lots on my plate, I tend to pick nude or pastel colors, close to natural nail color. When I feel like a rock star, I go for sparkles!

  1. Water is the enemy number one. The more time you spend washing, cleaning, and cooking, the more fragile nails become. Sadly, I don’t have a solution for how to avoid all these tasks while also being a mom. You can try to wear gloves; I am not a fan of using them though.
  2. Use a good hand cream; it will help your hands & nails to gain lost nutrients. Lately, I have been using Clarins’ Hand and Nail lotion. I feel like it is doing a great job supporting and strengthening my nails.
  3. All nail polish varies in hold and color. Some nail polishes last longer and look better. However, in my experience, the more resilient polishes are the more expensive and toxic they are. Yes, toxic. I have tried organic types, but they do not hold as well — three days later and I have to redo the manicure. I don’t have that much time, so these are not the option for me. I stick to OPI polish.
  4. Layers — an important part that relates to polish’s lifecycle. Apply at least four coats: base, two layers of color, and cover. Applying all four layers will ensure a better hold, bolder color, and smoother surface.
  • nails are roughly the same length
  • nails are not broken
  • nails are not too long



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