Simple Steps to Improve Mom’s Look

Abi Khait
4 min readAug 7, 2018

Children’s playground is my go-to weekend place. Like all adults, I absolutely love to listen to toddlers yell, fight, argue about toys, and get upset about strangest things. So much joy. No! This couldn’t be further the truth. The main reason I suffer for hours with other children is my two children. They need a place to run to use up all that energy. I wish I had half of it. Although if I slept as much, had no stress, and did what I wanted, I probably would have just as much.

I adore these monsters, but I wish I had more time to myself. Specifically more time to think before I get dressed. Usually, I am the last one to get ready. Like most mothers, for some strange reason, we pay attention to our children first. And after that, we get 10–15 minutes to ourselves to get ready. It is a fair amount of time, but I do feel rushed. Often, already in the car or outside, I remember that I wanted to wear some accessories or grab a different bag. I am sure that I am not alone. I see so many moms who can benefit from having a few extra minutes to themselves.

It is easy to spot a mother in the wild. Her hair is usually in a bun or loose. If she is lucky, her hair is washed. They are not straightened or curled; most likely air-dried. Mothers opt for easy and comfortable wear of yoga pants and a t-shirt. Rarely I see a mother wearing a dress. Most of us do not even think about putting on makeup. Who has that much time? Good thing if I remember to put on sunblock, grab a hat and sunglasses to hide my fabulously tired face. Mom’s outfits are not color coordinated or well thought out — bottoms can be yoga pants; the top is a tank top; thrown on top is a sports jacket or sweater; no accessories; sneakers or most likely flip flops (at least here in silicon valley).

With all the demands of home and work, some of us forget to pay attention to ourselves. We are focused so much on things around us that we forget that we too need attention. We have a right to take a long shower, blow dry hair, take time to dress and enjoy some peace. I know it is hard to find time or motivation, but do try. This will improve your mood and make you feel better about life even if you are exhausted. Dressing nicely always works for me because this is something I do for myself and not my children, husband, parents, or work. 2.

I understand the limitation of time and the demands of life, but my quick fixes can improve anyone’s looks. Let’s cut to the most sensitive issue — weight. We gain weight, and there is no way around it. You will get back to your original size, but it will take time. In the meantime, please pay close attention to your clothing to make sure that it fits properly. If few items that don’t fit and you have no time to shop, here are few tricks:

1. If a pair of pants is too small and you see a “muffin” top, wear a loose top long enough to cover the undesired midsection or thrown on a jacket or sweater and keep it on;

2. Avoid wearing a tight bottoms and a tight top at the same time;

3. If you have to wear a tight top pair it with a jacket or shirt and a wide legged pant;

4. Avoid clothing out of light jersey material; it clings to all the wrong places;

5. Go for dresses with structure;

6. Be careful with V neck tops. With children, it is impossible to stay in the upright position. You will be bending a lot, so make sure you are properly covered;

7. Look critically at yourself in a bra. If you have big skin rolls on the back, it is time to get a bigger bra;

8. Invest in a good pair of sneakers or sandals. I prefer sneakers because my feet are better protected from falling objects, little monsters’ feet, dirt, or anything else my child gets himself into.

I know we all have more clothes than we need. Do not shake your head. Yes, we all do. So do check out the back of your closet to see if you have items that used to be a little big or loose. These will be perfect for now.

To get the most of your wardrobe, take out everything and spread it on a floor or bed: t-shirts, tops, sweaters, jackets, skirt, and dresses. Look for things that have structure and shape. Pick items out of heavy fabrics that don’t cling to a body. Skirts and dresses are a great help with creating a lovely silhouette. Cardigans and jackets help to slim a look. I am not saying hide yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with extra weight. But I do want you to look good. This is not about size. This is about you looking amazing no matter what. When we look good, we feel good. We project confidence and control. People will even treat you differently when they see you confident in your well-styled yet straightforward outfit.

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