Must-Have Wardrobe Items For Any Fashionista

I strongly believe that one does not need to buy new clothes every time one goes online or to a mall. We, as a consumer society, need to realize that more is NOT better. We do not create better outfits just because our closets are bursting out. Most clothing brands and retailers try to convince us that we need that new sweater or that trendy dress. That is their business model, the faster they deliver new lines and items, the easier it is to convince us that we need something new. Retailers constantly advertise the new colors, new shapes, new materials, must-have looks, new seasonal items, and celebs endorsed pieces. But, this is all just marketing! No one needs that much clothes to look edgy, stylish, fresh, and on trend. All we need to do is realize that clothing brands and stores tricking us into thinking that we have to buy; whereas, in reality, we are better off not.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel.

We need to think critically about every item in our closets or new additions to it and spend money well. Organized, modest, and well thought out collection of clothes is the best present you can give yourself. When your closet is organized and well maintained, your mornings will become that much brighter. You will spend less time on ravaging through your closet and saying: I have nothing to wear. And more time admiring your selection in a mirror before smiling and heading out for a day.

There are few items that, I believe, are critical for anyone’s closet. These staple items will help create polished look every time. They will also make your life easier since these are versatile enough to work well together or with other items in your closet.

Sunglasses and bags are accessories that are nice to have but their absence will not ruin your outfit. Just please, do not stuff your pockets with wallet, keys, or cell phone. If you are on the budget go for timeless looks and shapes when it comes to sunglasses and bags. Do not try to follow every trend. Trends change and you will be, noticeably, behind if you buy very edgy-cutting item. I suggest to buy classics like aviators or wide stylish cut frames. Bags are very personal. They can be big or small, plain or patterned, leather or other material. Again, examine your wardrobe critically to make sure that your bag will go with majority of your outfits. I suggest getting something medium size in black or brown leather. These colors work well with many looks and they will last you a while.

This post turned out longer than I thought it would. Well, I hope this helps, and you were able to at least skim through it. I strongly believe that if you follow at least some of my suggestions your looks will improve significantly.

Have an awesome day,




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